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Buyers want the best in healthy eco-products – Global GreenTag makes it easy to recognise. We’re here to build trust back into the green marketplace and save Africa’s environment and support individual health and ethical employment in the process.


Well, lots of reasons, but here are just some of the products we offer...


A biodegradable and biologically active product that is used for the bioaugmentation of oil contaminated areas. This includes landfill, water and waste treatment applications. The product decreases total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) which makes up grease and oils. This product carries the Global GreenTag certification..


Suitable for use in HDV + LDV’s cleaning and decontamination of engines, parts, machinery, suspension and paintwork. Removes oil, grease and tar. Natural bacteria will assist with the breakdown of contaminants in the wash water. Spray onto surface and allow contact time as necessary. Work with a sponge or brush. Rinse with water. Re-apply product and repeat for heavy grease load. Test compatibility before use.


MX 70 Hydrocarbon converter is a complex blend of mineral silicates designed to neutralise and reduce oils and other hydrocarbons upon contact for safe disposal. MX 70 Hydrocarbon converter breaks down the long-chain molecules of the hydrocarbon into much shorter molecules. This chemically converts pollutants to less harmful substances with minimal effort. This product carries the Global Green Tag certification.

Environmental pollution control

Procon has a range of products and services related to environmental pollution control in water and soil, with the focus on hydrocarbon pollution. Procon has acknowledged the fact that oil pollution is a massive global problem that is often disregarded, ignored, and its impact underestimated. One litre of oil pollutes 1 million litres of water!

Our water treatment equipment is high-tech, while providing our clients with the lowest life cycle cost of all other systems globally. The Ultraspin equipment addresses all three phases of oily water, at 1000 times the force of gravity. The hydrocyclone technology can remove 95% of 10 to 15 micron oil droplets from the water, thus resulting in a water treatment system that assists our clients in recycling and reusing water in a closed loop. This results in an 85% water-saving strategy, and eliminates the potential hydrocarbon pollution that can occur downstream without such a system.

It is our goal to provide the best available technology on the market to meet and exceed your exact needs.

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