Bioremediation Services

We only use Global Greentag products.

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Under carefully controlled conditions, Procon provides cost-effective bioremediation solutions to remove hydrocarbons from contaminated surfaces and sub-surfaces, i.e. soil, water, ballast stone, paving etc.

All soil contains microorganisms, and when hydrocarbon spills occur in soil, the microorganisms, as well as the soil nutrients are killed.
Procon Environmental Technologies has investigated the best technology available to meet your requirements, and with this in mind, we intend to provide you with solutions, including:

  • Bioremediation projects and oil spill clean-ups on land and water
  • Spill kits and environmental control products

Bioremediation refers to any method that uses microbes to recycle organic materials and sequester inorganic ions. Because the primary responsibility of microbes is to recycle organic material, they must be present in sufficient quantities and diversity in order to do this. Under carefully controlled conditions, bioremediation can be a practical and cost-effective method in removing hydrocarbons from contaminated surfaces and sub-surfaces.

Bio-augmentation is the addition of naturally occurring microbes to sites, while bio-stimulation is the modification of the site to enhance the growth of indigenous microbes that are already present. Procon specialises in bio-augmentation.


Global Greentag products and spill kits can also be procured from Procon Environmental Technologies. Contact us today to find your best environmental solution.