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Mycelx Delivers Proven Solutions
Engineered oily water filtration & hydrocarbon odour removal solutions; For Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Energy, Shipping, the only technology certified by Lloyd’s of London.

The technology is also used throughout the world in the marine, industrial and environmental industries and in storm water runoff systems to prevent damaging pollutants from entering waterways.

Procon is able to provide a Mycelx filtration system solution to guarantee 99,9% removal of hydro carbons to meet storm water discharge limits.

Mycelx also guarantees to provide you with an unequalled water polishing system when combined with Ultraspin.

Mycelx is a patented oil removal technology. Fifteen patents, Fortune 100 clients, and hundreds of installations worldwide attest to the fact that Mycelx is the undisputed, best solution for reliable oil and hydrocarbon removal from water and air.

Mycelx hydrocarbon matrix is designed to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX to crude oil, sheen, chlorinated hydrocarbons, PCB's, organic solvents, pesticides and organically bound metals from wastewater.

Mycelx instantly bonds to hydrocarbons causing them to become hydrophobic (repellent to water) and visco-elastic (thickened) removing a wide range of hydrocarbons.

Why choose Mycelx
•    Absorbs concentrated slugs with less than 1 Psi pressure differential
•     Will not release pollutants due to its visco-elastic nature
•    Chemistry is fixed in the filter – no metering, no chemical handling and no guesswork
•    Fixed footprint; small space required
•     Simple installation: gravity flow capable
•     Used in parallel with Ultraspin

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