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Your company deserves a better oil Skimmer!

•    That more effectively removes all the oil, fat or hydrocarbon
•    That does not need continual adjustment or maintenance to keep it working

If this is what you need and deserve – Procon and Ultraspin have the answer!

The Ultraspin oil skimmer:
•    Oil removal rate upto 25m3/hr
•    A floating weir that automatically adjusts to changing water flow rates
•    The weir automatically stays level even if the skimmer tilts
•    No moving parts which means little to no maintenance
•    Skims in all directions for complete oil removal
•    Set and forget, no operator input required

Places our Oil Skimmers are used successfully:
•    Mining
•    Refinery and Petrochemical
•    Oil spill cleanup
•    Steel mills
•    Machining / CNC / Parts manufacturing
•    Transformer bunds
•    Abattoir, Slaughterhouse, Meat processing, Meat packing
•    Machine sumps
•    Food Processing
•    Electrical power generation / hydro
•    Ground water remediation

Arrow energy solar system - Collage of oil removal over 24 hours

Skimmer Models

Model 1 – The S1 Skimmer

Model 1 – The S1 Skimmer

Model 2 – the S2 Skimmer

Model 2 – the S2 Skimmer

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