Ultraspin For The Mining Industry

Oily water solutions for mining wash bays, refuelling, workshops, power generation and more.

Ultraspin Separators

Ultraspin is the preferred and trusted oily water treatment solutions supplier to major mining companies in both greenfield mines and brownfield sites in South Africa, Australia and worldwide. We’ve supplied over 350 oil/water separators to premium South African mining companies, such as Exxaro, Sibanye Stillwater, Anglo and South 32.

Will Ultraspin oily water separators cope with a harsh mining environment?

Tough, robust and built to last, Ultraspin separators are a powerful ally in wastewater treatment in Southern Africa

Typical oily water sources within mining operations include:

• Workshops • Heavy and light vehicle washbays • Lube bays • Fuel storage areas • Refuelling bays

Why are Ultraspin oily mining water treatment systems so popular with mining companies?

  • Modular design: Easy deployment and upgradable as discharge requirements change.
  • Rugged design: Constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions – it’s built to last!
  • Integrated controls: Incorporate into site monitoring systems with in-built shutdown to protect pumps.
  • Remote monitoring (optional): Get immediate alerts when your discharge is at risk of non-compliance.
  • Large oil storage tanks included: Collect large volumes of oil to decrease collection frequency.
  • Large, oversized, heavy-duty debris strainer included: Easy to operate and clean. Large capacity, giving long intervals between emptying the strainer basket.

As the worldwide mining landscape ebbs and flows, Ultraspin works with you to develop new mine site design, or find the best solution for mine site upgrades to ensure full compliance.

Ultraspin and the oil and gas industry

Ultraspin offers a powerful and cost-effective oil water separation solution.

A number of independent sources show that the Ultraspin centrifugal oil-water separator is fundamentally more powerful than gravity, coalescing plate pack type or VGS systems.

In addition, if you are using coalescing plate pack type oil water separators, you probably know by now that at some point this method of oil separation fails to be effective. It is costly, and requires continual maintenance. With an Ultraspin oily water separator, you can relax. Our separator required no maintenance or cleaning to maintain full oil separation performance.

We offer oily water treatment solutions to all areas of the oil and gas industry

Oil-contaminated water occurs in all parts of the oil and gas industry – from exploration, then production, refining, petrochemical, fuel distribution, depots and terminals, and finally at direct industry outlets such as petrol stations, gas stations and hundreds of types of industrial re-fuelling sites.

Ultraspin solutions for workshops

Oily water solutions for workshops, great and small.

A workshop means oils, grease, lubricants, coolants, detergents and a smorgasbord of additives in the wastewater. Ultraspin can help you clean up your act effectively and efficiently.

My workshop wastewater has a lot of oils and grease – why do I need to treat it?

Removing sediment, oils and grease is an important factor in meeting discharge regulations.

There is no doubt that a workshop generates some of the toughest wastewater to treat. A workshop can exist in a variety of locations, from the local car mechanic, to rail and marine operations, to mine sites.

Ultraspin is ideal for vehicle wash operations

Keeping your wastewater as clean as your vehicle.

High-powered vehicle wash oily wastewater treatment for re-use or discharge.

Oily water is pumped into a precisely engineered tapered pipe, creating a vortex generating 1 000 times the force of gravity. Under such force, the heavier water is pushed to the outer edge of the vortex and discharged from the smaller end, while the lighter fats, oils and grease moves to the centre of the vortex and are discharged at the inlet end.

Ultraspin and the transport industry

Oily water solutions for planes, trains, boats and buses – workshops and washdowns.

Ultraspin has been supplying oily water treatment solutions to the transport sector for more than 20 years. Whether it is for use in a bus depot or rail workshop, we have you covered.

How will the Ultraspin system improve my oily water discharge?

Effective oil separation will improve your trade waste compliance

Out-dated oily water separator systems may no longer be able to meet regulations regarding water discharge, and will need to be replaced.

Ultraspin and the power industry

Oily water solutions for power generation and distribution.

My power generation equipment creates oily water – what do I do with it?

Bunded oily water is easily treated with an Ultraspin oily water separator system.

A typical power generation site or substation will have a bank of generators and transformers that need maintenance in situ, creating sources of oily wastewater.

Whatever the source of power, there will be bunded oily water.