Innovative hydrocyclone oil separator technology for removing oils, greases and fats from water.

An overview

The Ultraspin separator is one of the simplest and most powerful oil water separators available.

  • A powerful oil separator package that removes emulsified oil droplets as small as 10 microns to achieve your discharge requirements.
  • A low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to traditional oil separators like coalescing plate separators, gravity interceptors and DAFs.
  • Off the shelf or customised oil separator solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Dedicated after-sales and spare parts support.

Oil skimmers

The Ultraspin oil skimmer is an important part of many of our oil water separators. Why do we like it so much?

  • Greatly improves the overall water discharge quality.
  • Minimises the risk of oil spills if the pit floods (no oil on top to overflow).
  • Reduces flammable risk – no oil on top to catch fire.
  • Less pit pump-outs when no oil gets built up.
  • Eliminates nasty odours.
  • Our skimmers are floating, self-adjusting weir style, which means that the skimmer will adjust itself automatically and operate as normal if there are fluctuations in water flow, or the skimmer tilts.

Strainers – bigger is better

Ultraspin strainers are designed with the operator in mind:

  • Large capacity – reduces the frequency of emptying and monitoring.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • No heavy lifting or bending over, can be cleaned by one person without any special tools.
  • Robust perforated stainless steel (not mesh) so debris doesn’t get stuck or damage the strainer.

How do the Ultraspin oil water separators work?

Like many oily water separators, the Ultraspin system separates the oil/fat and the water, based on the density difference – the oil/fat droplets being lighter than the water. To do this, the oily wastewater is pumped tangentially into the separator, which forms a powerful vortex and huge centrifugal forces. This squeezes the lighter oil/fat droplets into the center of the vortex. Two streams are generated: treated water ready for discharge or reuse, and the separated oil for storage and disposal.

The centrifugal separation force generated is over 1000 times the force of gravity, separating emulsified oil droplets as small as 10 microns – and all this with no consumables and no chemicals.

Clever controls

We provide pneumatic and electric control systems that can be manual or fully automatic. We also include additional control features for some customers such as: Start-up recycle: Allows the removal of thick oil layers before treating and discharging water. Multiple treatment of water to increase overall oil separation efficiency when oil droplets are very small, or higher water quality discharge is required.

Aeration – Water polishing

Aerating water is a common and well-established water treatment method. It serves as a simple, cost-effective way to treat a wide range of contaminants that cannot be physically separated. If you have strict discharge requirements, an aeration tank is a good way to ensure you are consistently compliant. Aeration works by releasing contaminants from the water into the air, or converting contaminants into a form that can be discharged.

Low shear pumps

Pumps are a very important part of an oil water separator, and we are very fussy about pump selection. A poor pump can be detrimental to the performance of an oil water separator. By using our oil droplet particle sizer, we quickly identify pumps that ‘shear’, or chop up the oil droplets, emulsifying the oily water, and making oil separation more difficult. Most vendors don’t have equipment to measure oil droplet particle size, and therefore often select pumps purely based on cost. This results in poor oil water separator performance and a costly mistake for their customers. At Ultraspin we design, select and performance test (with one of our oil droplet size tools) all our pumps to make sure that they are gentle on the oily water and give the very best possible oil water discharge quality. It's one of the many reasons our systems work so well. With this philosophy we are able to offer pneumatic and electric pumps to suit your application. Different materials are also available to suit the application.

Your company deserves a better oil skimmer!

One that more effectively removes all the oil, fat or hydrocarbon, and does not need continual adjustment or maintenance to keep working.

The Ultraspin oil skimmer:

•    Oil removal rate of up to 25m3/hr.
•    A floating weir that automatically adjusts to changing water flow rates.
•    The weir automatically stays level, even if the skimmer tilts.
•    No moving parts, which means little to no maintenance.
•    Skims in all directions for complete oil removal.
•    Set and forget, no operator input required.

Places our Oil Skimmers are used successfully:

•    Mining
•    Refinery and petrochemical
•    Oil spill clean-up
•    Steel mills
•    Machining / CNC / parts manufacturing
•    Transformer bunds
•    Abattoir, slaughterhouse, meat processing, meat packing
•    Machine sumps
•    Food processing
•    Electrical power generation / hydro
•    Groundwater remediation

The Edge

• 3.5 to over 100 m3/hr feed flow • Heavy duty construction • Electric powered, including controls • Can be built to customer mechanical and electrical specifications • 15 to 150 micron oil droplet size rating options • Pump dry run protect standard • Backflush option available

1000+ G force Oil Water Separator | 100 m3/hr flow
Oily Water Separators - How our System Works

After-sales support

Procon has been supplying, installing and maintaining oily water equipment for more than 20 years. For that whole time, we’ve had a dedicated servicing and spare parts team, because we know how important that after-sales support is! We supply equipment which are as simple and self-sufficient as possible, but every piece of equipment needs a bit of TLC during it’s lifetime. Whether that’s getting a tech on the ground to go over the system, train the guys on site and make recommendations for improvements, or you just need to refurbish your pump on your own, we’re here to help.

Spare parts

• Genuine OEM parts and unique Ultraspin parts – a one-stop shop, we offer you everything you need to keep your Ultraspin unit in tip-top condition. • Minor and major service spare parts, plus other parts you may need to stock. • We don’t always stock larger flow pumps, and if you have one of these it’s highly recommended that you always keep your own back-up pump on site.

Commissioning and service

To ensure reliable operation of the Ultraspin system, recommended maintenance is broken up into three categories: minor, major and specialist. We can provide all three services, but are happy for our customers to complete the minor and major services, following the simple instructions given in our manual.

Recommended specialist service

A level of service that can only be carried out by a qualified Ultraspin service engineer. Our engineers are familiar with all aspects of the system design, and can assist with the more difficult things that oily water treatment involves, including:

  • Advanced oily water separator operation troubleshooting.
  • Advanced oily water separator compliance testing and troubleshooting.
  • Breakdown repair and system recommissioning.
  • Fitting of spare parts (in addition to minor or major service) and system recommissioning.
  • Specialist oily water sample collection. This may include preparation of samples for external laboratories or for analysis by Ultraspin.
  • Detailed oily water analysis. This may include site oil droplet size measurement, temperature, pH, turbidity, and density measurements for multiple sources.
  • Site oily water source assessments. Identify and characterise all sources of oily water in terms of treatability and treatment options.
  • HAZOPS site audits.
  • Training for maintenance and operation personnel.
Before service
After service

Easy separator maintenance process with Ultraspin