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Are you looking to start your own sanitising business? You can partner with us.

The Model

The Pro-Fogger Disinfectant Unit from Procon is lightweight and easy to use, while being able to handle a big workload. We are able to provide you with the high-quality machine and all the sanitising products you need to operate it.

This compact mobile unit generates a disinfectant fog spray for quick and easy sanitisation and decontamination inside and outside of mines, offices, warehouses, retail shops, hospitals and vehicles. It is made from lightweight material for easy operation and optimum manoeuvrability.

The unit is fully constructed in South Africa, and ideal for all fogging applications, and its compressor is oil-free and operates silently. The Pro-Fogger Disinfection Unit can be directly purchased from Procon Environmental Technologies.

How it works

Starting your own sanitising business has never been so easy. Procon Environmental Technologies supplies the top-quality Pro-Fogger Disinfection Unit, together with Virol-Oxy®, the recommended product for use with the unit. This sets you up to start offering sanitisation services wherever you are on the African continent.

Why YOU should partner with Procon Environmental Technologies:

Procon is a trusted brand

Procon Environmental Technologies have been offering environmental solutions since 1993.


Procon Environmental Technologies tried and tested a range of machines suited for disinfecting services, and after failing to find one that is effective and easy to use, we decided to build our own. The Procon Pro-Fogger Disinfectant Unit maximises results.


Sanitisation has taken centre stage due to COVID-19 – from our homes, to our offices, to our vehicles, it has become crucial to ensure all the spaces we operate in are free from viruses and bacteria. This has opened up new business opportunities, and if you are looking to expand your stream of income, this is the ideal time to partner with an experienced and trusted environmental solutions specialist. Procon provides everything you need to provide top-notch services to your clients.


We recommend and supply Virol-Oxy® to be used on all surfaces, in conjunction with the Pro-Fogger Disinfectant Unit – it is safe to use and effective against bacteria and viruses. Made in Germany, this highly rated product is used in almost every country across the world as an agent in the fight against Covid-19.

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